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about roger dodger aviation
Matt Thomas, CFII

Roger Dodger Aviation, LLC
4916 W. 51st Street
Roeland Park, KS 66205
Roger Dodger Aviation
We bring aviation to people in a way that is fun and invites active

Roger Dodger produces videos and instruction manuals that
help people build inexpensive home flight simulators with
materials from a home improvement store and off-the-shelf flight
sim components.  The videos are sold worldwide from the
Flight Sims website and dozens are offered free on YouTube.

Roger Dodger Aviation was born from a desire to make aviation
more accessible to people. What started as scenic flights and
ground school grew into a comprehensive resource for helping
people build their own home flight simulators. People from all
over the world have used the DIY Flight Sims videos and
manuals to craft simpits that match their unique needs and
resources. Matt Thomas founded Roger Dodger Aviation in
2005 and produces all the instructional videos and authors the
Matt Thomas, CFII

Matt is the owner and founder of Roger Dodger Aviation.  He
believes that many people have an inherent interest in aviation
and flight simulators can help them in a unique way. He also has faith in
people's ability to build, invent and create things that improve their lives
with Do-It-Yourself projects.

Matt grew up with two major interests: building stuff from found materials
and flying airplanes.  These two interests appeared to be incompatible
early in Matt's aviation career.  Building stuff satisfied Matt's creative
disposition, but flying did not. Flying a plane is not usually a creative
effort because pilots follow specific regulations and checklists for safety

Matt eventually found his calling by designing DIY projects for the home
flight simulator market.  His teaching experience made him uniquely
qualified to create instructional videos and manuals that show people
how to build features that improve their flight simulators.

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Privacy Policy
Roger Dodger Aviation is a Limited Liability Corporation
incorporated in the State of Kansas, United States of America.  It
has served the aviation and flight simulation markets since 2005.
"Ad Astra Per Aspera"
"To the Stars through Difficulties"
- Kansas State Motto
Roger Dodger Aviation, LLC was founded in 2005 by Matt Thomas.  Matt
provided scenic flights over Kansas City and experimented with a variety of
flight simulator services before settling on the DIY Flight Sim video concept
in 2007.

Roger Dodger Archive has a bunch of pictures, videos, and stories
about this quirky little company. Check it out: Roller Derby promos, Dogfight
Parties, Maker Faires, charity fund-raisers, disasterous experiments, and

Take a look, it's been a bumpy ride.
Many friends, family members and fans
have assisted Roger Dodger Aviation
throughout the years.  They helped sustain
the company through the Great Recession
and made its present day growth possible.  
You can help too!

We've supported many non-profit
organizations over the years, including the
Civil Air Patrol, Experimental Aircraft
Association, and the Planetary Society.

The phrase "Roger Dodger" originated
from a
WWII-era folk tale about a pilot
playfully disregarding established
Airliners, Helicopters,
Fighters, Trainers,
Spaceships !
Shannon is flying the DIY Triple Screen Flight Sim
Kids at a science day camp learning to fly our
space flight simulator
Adriana strikes a pose next to the
Moving Axis AirCraft Simulator (MAACS)
The Flight Sim Pod (scale model of
upcoming project)
The DIY Universal Airliner Home Cockpit. One
of our most versitile projects.
Soaring the virtual skies!
Back when Myspace was a big deal, our website was littered with many animated gifs!
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