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2014: Desktop Airliner. This was a great project when it was originally published in 2008. Now it is
enjoying a well-deserved retirement

2013: Four Million views on YouTube !

2013: Portable Aviation Combat Simulator. This was a great project when it was originally published
in 2007. It is deserving of a worthy retirement

2013: DIY Space Sims
We're in space! These are DIY projects for space flight simulators

2013: Old Airliner Keyboard Mod
I always thought this was a great project, but it needed a fresh version  

2013: Kids in Space!
We taught kids to fly in space with one of our flight simulators

2013: DIY Studio Lights
Making DIY videos with DIY studio lights is ultimate street cred

2013:  Maker Faire
We brought two flight simulators this year! Simulating airplanes and spaceships.

2012:  Mars Lander Watch Party
While NASA was preparing to land on Mars, our guests flew around simulated Mars

2012:  AirVenture Flight Simulator Review
See all the sweet rides at the EAA AirVenture convention in Oshkosh

2012:  Maker Faire   
The DIY Roll-Away Flight Sim makes its debut at the KC Maker Faire.

2011:  Davis' PACS Eagle Project   
We donated a DIY Flight Sim download for Davis' Eagle Scout project.

2011:  Triple Screen Flight Sim  
We published the first flight simulator fund raiser on and built this epic Triple Screen
Flight Sim for an airline museum.

2011:  Maker Faire  
The Triple Screen Flight Sim's debut was at the KC Maker Faire.

2011: DIY Game Frames
We toyed with the idea of creating products for the space gamer community. Here is a video of Matt
describing the plan to Dustin & Molly from "Reviews for Humans"

2010:  WWII webcam feeds  
These were two webcams broadcasting real-time online air combat.

2010:  Squadron documents  
Some checklists, flight logs and navigation helps for the online squadron.

2010:  JSAWG squadron  
The first online squadron we joined was the Joint Special Air Warfare Group.   

2010:  Webcam experiment  
An attempt at an creating an online entertainment community focused on online air combat.

2010:  PACS Art Project  
We gave away a PACS fuselage to the Boys and Girls Club of Kansas City. They made it into a
psychedelic art project.

2010:  MAACS destroyed   
A terrible, tough choice.  The MAACS had to be dismantled and thrown away to make room for new
construction projects.

2009:  Name the new DIY Project Contest  
The DIYflightsims community came up with a perfect name for the new project, the DIY Universal

2009:  Paper Airplane Planet  (2009 to present)
This is an experiment featuring free paper airplane pages that can be printed and folded at home.

2009:  Air Craft Training Simulator #2 (ACTS2)  
The final pictures before it was donated to the Civil Air Patrol

2008:  Plaza Flights Pictures  
More people that Matt flew on scenic flights

2008:  The Fun Zone  2008 to 2009 (link coming soon)

2008:  Aviation Entertainment Blog  (2008 to 2009)
This blog was the predecessor to the
Roger Dodger Aviation Facebook page.

2008:  MAACS Roll Out Party  
We literally rolled out the MAACS onto the driveway to celebrate its completion

2008:  MAACS  
The epic Moving Axis AirCraft Simulator project.  This series of 26 videos tells the story of the most
ambitious experiment in Roger Dodger history.

2008:  Dogfight Party!  February 23  
The Dogfight Club flies for the last time.  After this, we had to focus more on the online business.

2008:  EAA Young Eagles  
Kids go flying with EAA chapter 200 at the Gardner Airport

2007:  Plaza Flights Pictures  
Matt's scenic flight passengers for the huge 2007 season

2007:  Dogfight Party!  November 3  
This party featured highly modified Strike Fighters Project 2 jet fighter software and three networked
sims.  It was a blast!

2007:  NY2LA Transcontinental Challenge for Diabetes  
Pictures from the second fund raiser for the American Diabetes Association.  This one was even
bigger than the first.

2007:  DIY Projector Ceiling Mount video  Promo video for this defunct DIY project.

2007:  DIY Projector Ceiling Mount  
One of the earliest ill-advised DIY projects.  After I released it, I found projector mounts for the same
price on the internet, so there was no incentive for people to build their own.

2007:  DIY Desktop Control Panel video  
This was the first disastrous attempt at a DIY Flight Sims promo video on YouTube.  Who knew I
could be so offensive without even trying!

2007:  DIY Desktop Control Panel  
The very first (and very humble) Do-It-Yourself Flight Simulator project.  

2007:  WWI Fly-In  
The biplanes buzz the field and fire mock machine guns at this popular airshow at the Gardner

2007:  Dogfight Party!  February 24  
The old Dogfight Parties were some of the best times we had as a group.

2007:  Hawaii Poker Run  
Winner takes all in this Flight Simulator group event, held during a blizzard.

2006:  Plaza Flights Pictures  Matt's scenic flight passengers for the 2006 season.

2006 to 2009 Dogfight Club (link coming soon)

2006:  NY2LA Transcontinental Challenge for Diabetes  
The first epic flight simulator fund raiser we hosted raised money for the American Diabetes

2006:  Roger Dodger Logo on Everything!  Company swag was available through Café Press

2006:  Air Combat Training Simulators (ACTS)  Finished.  The Dogfight Club is born!!!
(link coming soon)

2005:  Plaza Flights Pictures  Matt's scenic flight passengers

2005:  Air Combat Training Simulators (ACTS)  Construction begins (link coming soon)

2005:  Beach Bungalow Headquarters  Pictures of the HQ in Kansas (link coming soon)

2005:  Commemorative Air Force  
Roller Derby Skater Jam Master Jane and Matt Thomas visit the CAF hangar at the New Century

2005:  SpaceShipOne and Space Tourism  
Matt's class at the UMKC Communiversity where he gave a presentation on the Ansari X-prize
competition and the SpaceShipOne flight program.

2005:  Dogfightin' Dames  
The honorary virtual combat squadron conceived to celebrate the new roller derby league in KC.

2005:  Dogfightin' Dames Roller Derby Team
We turned a lot of heads when the Dogfightin' Dames deployed to the CAF air show

2005:  Caribbean Grill and Launch Party  
This was mid-western beach party that celebrated the birth of Roger Dodger Aviation.

2004:  Plaza Flights Pictures  Matt's scenic flight passengers

2004:  My first flight sim video ever (very embarrassing).

2004:  Airshow pictures (link coming soon)

2004:  Jill's Trip to Egypt  Recreated in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

2004:  KC Sim Pilots  The humble predecessor to Roger Dodger Aviation.
Ever wonder where Roger Dodger Aviation came from?  Take a look at the unlikely history of
this tiny, global, aviation entertainment company.  Here you will find events from years past,
old experiments, and discontinued products.