DIY Universal Airliner Cockpit, tabletop cockpit enclosure
D240 DIY Universal Airliner Cockpit

Item #D240, $29 US dollars

You don't have to spend a lot of money to simulate flying the airliners. Build an affordable, versitile simpit with this innovative desktop partial enclosure. Introducing the DIY Universal Airliner Cockpit.

  • Sleek, attractive styling
  • Your choice: Boeing 737, Airbus A320, or CRJ700
  • Build this project with common tools and materials

DIY Universal Airliner Cockpit - What you get

UNIVERSAL COCKPIT FRAME DIY VIDEO - over 30 minutes of construction footage and instructional narration (wmv format)
Four Part DIY Video
- Cutting PVC pipe
- Inner Frame construction
- Building Universal Joints (U-joints)
- Adjusting the frame to fit your monitor
- Outer Frame construction
- Gluing the frame
- Using epoxy putty on the U-joints
- Measuring and cutting Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) body panels
- Gluing the body panels
- Attaching the monitor shelf
- Painting

ovehead control panel
D240 Universal Airliner Cockpit

UNIVERSAL COCKPIT FRAME INSTRUCTION MANUAL - Full-color, illustrated, 38 pages (Adobe pdf format)
Materials Required
Tools Required
Cutting PVC pipe
Frame: Initial Assembly
Frame: Fitting Your Monitors
Frame: Final Assembly
Body Panels

Also Included


Two Part DIY Video (wmv format)
- Painting
- Airliner button template
- Button assignments: Mode Control Panel
- Button assignments: Overhead Panel
- Keyboard panels: B737, A321, CRJ700
- Event assignments in Flight Simulator X


AIRLINER KEYBOARD MOD INSTRUCTION MANUAL - Full color, illustrated, 38 pages (Adobe pdf format)
Tools Required
Printing and cutting button template
Button diagram: Mode Control Panel
Button diagram: Overhead Panel
Keyboard panels
Event assignment list
Event assignments in Flight Simulator X and FS2004

Airliner Keyboard Buttons
Airliner Keyboard Panels
Bonus: Airliner Custom Button Collection
Bonus: Throttle Quadrant Labels

- Working with PVC pipe Part 1 and 2
- Dual Monitors Part 1 and 2
- Self-Drilling Screws
- Paint for Flight Simulators
- USB Cable Management
- Install Saitek Switch Panels

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