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Click Here to download the X-Plane 10 Demo
for Windows, Mac or Linux

Note: these installers should only be used once.  Do NOT use these
to update an existing installation.  To update an existing installation,
get the updater here.
The legendary X-Plane Flight Simulator from Laminar Research has been the only real challenge to Microsoft for
years.  The dramatic difference is that X-Plane never gave up on the flight simulator genre.  X-Plane runs on Mac and
Linux as well as Windows.  X-Plane is packaged with several types of aircraft, global scenery, full weather modeling,
simulated system failures, an aircraft designer so you can create your own experimental x-planes, and other features.

The X-Plane simulation engine actually calculates the fluid dynamics of three-dimensional objects as they move
through the air, in other words, it's a digital wind tunnel.  Commercial versions of X-Plane have been modified to power
FAA certified flight simulators for actual training and was also used as the software for Scaled Composite's
SpaceShipOne simulator.

X-Plane is a trademark of Laminar Research

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