The 1999 and 2004 Letter Writing Campaigns were successful.  Both  
Parole Boards were impressed by the volume and the feeling
communicated in the letters.

The 2004 Parole Board decided two important points:
1.  Mr. Erwin's request for parole was denied.
2.  Mr. Erwin's next parole hearing was set for August, 2009.  

Your Letter to the Parole Board
We know it is difficult to write about something so painful.  Feel free to
use the following sample letter if it helps you.   The sample letter can be
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Many people choose to write letters from the heart.  In any case, the
Parole Board will keep your identity confidential.

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Jefferson City Correctional Center
Attn:  Mark Loethen, Parole Officer Supervisor
8200 No More Victims Road
Jefferson City, MO  65101

Re: Inmate # 504417, Samuel Levi Erwin

Dear Parole Board Members:

Please include this letter in the personal file of Samuel Levi Erwin.  This
letter is regarding Samuel Levi Erwin's parole hearing scheduled for
August, 2009.

As a concerned citizen, I want to express my deep concern over Mr.
Erwin's possible release from prison.  Mr. Erwin is in prison for murdering
a boy named Aaron Cochran.  Aaron was at home, asleep in his bed when
Mr. Erwin aimed a shotgun at the back of Aaron’s head, execution style,
and fired…twice.

Our community lost a talented, promising soul when Aaron Cochran was
taken so young.  Aaron lived in the Kansas City area his entire life and his
family members are long time residents as well.  Aaron was an active,
engaged youth.  He was a senior at Fort Osage High School and a member
of the school band and soccer team.  He was in the National Honor Society
and a cadet officer in the Civil Air Patrol USAF Auxiliary.  Aaron was an
active member of his Boy Scout troop and had attained the rank of Eagle

Mr. Erwin had no motive or reason to kill Aaron.  Mr. Erwin’s extreme,
unprovoked act of violence against another human being leaves me deeply
disturbed over the possible return of Mr. Erwin to our community.  I
recognize the hostilities within Mr. Erwin and anticipate this deep rooted
aggression remains within him.

I petition the parole board to deny parole to Samuel Levi Erwin.

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Samuel Levi Erwin's next parole hearing is August 12, 2009.

Your letter must be received at least
one week before the hearing.
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