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MAACS for the People?

My name is Matt Thomas and I have a question for you.  We have a series of
videos that we’re considering releasing to the public on YouTube and on our
website.  But first, I want to know if you have any interest in seeing these videos,
so I’ll tell you a little bit about them.

Many of you have already seen the Moving Axis AirCraft Simulator (MAACS) and
the Virtual Reality Helmet.  The MAACS webpage has become a popular part of
our website.

What you don’t know is that during the six months it took to design and build the
final prototypes, I kept a video log of the progress.

This series of videos show how MAACS works.  It shows how MAACS was
developed, and how we tried different configurations.

…and we tried a lot of stuff.  We called this rapid prototyping. Basically, you
draw up an idea, then buy a bunch of boards and plywood, bang it together and
see what works and what doesn’t.  

It was a lot of trial and error.  It was frustrating and fascinating all at the same
time.  This is the MAACS series.  

If we release these videos to the public,
I hope that it inspires you to build things for your flight simulator.  
I hope it inspires experimentation and creativity in the flight sim community.
I hope it shows that it’s ok to try a lot of things, keep what works and learn from
the stuff that didn’t work.
I hope it shows that innovation is hard work, but worthwhile work and that you
may fail many times before you are successful.

Now I want to be very clear, the MAACS videos are not Do It Yourself videos.  
Our DIY videos, the premium videos that we sell on the website show you step
by step exactly how to build flight simulator cockpits and such.  They come with
instruction manuals with every step, every measurement, and lists all materials
and every tool you need for the project.

The MAACS videos are not like that.  We just bump around and figure things out
as we go, and take you along for the ride…for about 20 episodes.

What about our DIY flight sim videos?  Don’t worry we are still posting new Do It
Yourself videos – both free ones and premium videos.  We love doing that and
will continue to do that.
So it’s up to you.  Tell me if you want to see the MAACS video series (free).  Post
a response here, or send me an email.  If there’s not much interest, that’s ok
too – believe me, I have plenty of other videos to work on.  

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.  See ya.
MAACS Videos