Most people want to help a promising young
company like Roger Dodger Aviation.

We appreciate all the wonderful people and
organizations that have helped us
throughout the years.  

Thank you for your business, professional advice,
artistic skill, monetary investment, entrepreneurial
coaching, voice skills, music, legal help, marketing
insights, food, test-piloting, computer assembly, truck
rental, airplane rental, modeling skills, patience and
Would you like to help?

John Hill
Jim Barker
Larry Hildebrand
Brian and Jennifer Gibson
Becky and Dennis Jackson
Adriana Delphin
Pat Pinick
Aaron Florkowski
Sharper Vision
Lindsy Dugan
Antonio Milaré
Matt Smith
Oliver Philippi
Nick Sherman
Alan Farkas,
EAA Legal Advisory Council
Heidi Phillips
Rafaela Evangelista
Julie Holland
Joe Lilley
Craig Butter
Sarah Dickerson
Jim Dickerson
Art Shaffer, the IP Center
Michelle Long, CPA
Darcy Hennessy
The Vara-tones
Kevin McLeod
Eli (Prpl Fox)
Jason Shaw
Make Magazine
Matt Christopher
Anchor Point Baptist Church
Wally Meyer
Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP
KC Volunteer Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts
National Airline History Museum
Dan Metcalf
Matt Mets, Make Magazine
Stephen Todd
Jerry Plotts
Ryan Potts
Milan Johnson,
Shawn Bower
Kelly Wilkins
Bill Hays
Shane Schmidt: Ten Minute Taxi
Paul Pela, Red Hornet Design
David Berry
Christine Dollase
TJ McCue, Forbes
Mayor Adrienne Foster
Jason Miller
Caroline Baehner
David W. Courtney
Sariah Pinick
Larry Smith
Rudolph Bledsoe
Koji Lyu
Dave Deucher
Becky Wall
Max Sisson
Jeff Widgren
Cam Tarn
Bernie Dugan
The Kauffman Foundation
ACE Energy Drinks
Our DIY Flight Sims customers
Our Plaza Flight Hall of Fame
Earl Nightingale
Jim Collins
and you...yes, YOU
See how you can be a hero
like these wonderful people

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