You CAN Build This! I will show you how

Now is the time to build your own airplane simulator cockpit. Flight simulation software has never been better, and I can help you upgrade from using just a keyboard and mouse. My online tutorials teach you how to use common materials from a hardware store to build an airplane simulator cockpit (simpit) or a functional framework for your flight controls. The time to realize your dream of flight is now! Strap into your new DIY Flight Sim and take off!


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Airplane Simulator Projects

Large DIY Airplane Simulators

Ambitious, audacious, hard-core simpits! Sure these projects are large, but my videos and instruction manuals show you how to build these projects one step at a time.


HOTAS and VR Projects

DIY HOTAS frame for flight simulator

Are you using Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS) flight controllers or do you use a Virtual Reality (VR) headset? These DIY projects will help tremendously to keep your controls secure while you fly.


Customer Gallery

Customer Gallery, DIY Flight Sims

These are DIY Flight Sim projects built by my customers. See the awesome flight sims my customers built!


Builder Academy

Builder Academy - learn how to build an airplane simulator

FREE! Learn how to hack flight controls, use multiple displays, and learn all the basic skills for building a DIY Flight Sim project. Dozens of free how-to videos and articles.


Three steps to get airborne... Step 1: Enroll

Enroll in one or more online courses. View them on any device - even a smartphone!

Step Two: Build

Learn to build a home flight simulator with videos, diagrams, pictures, and printouts

Step Three: Fly

Take off with your favorite flight simulator software

Why Choose DIY Flight Sims ?


Check out the Customer Galleries and let the projects speak for themselves. Here is CUSTOMER GALLERY 1 and also CUSTOMER GALLERY 2. My step-by-step instructions give people the confidence to build a DIY simpit project even if they have limited building experience. Many builders modify and add features to their project to match their resources and needs.


You get more than just some CAD drawings. You will see what it's like to build these projects in the real world with video and pictures from an actual project. These online tutorials are detailed and expertly produced by an FAA Certified Flight Instructor.


It's amazing that inexpensive PVC pipe, lumber, and paint can make a bunch of separate peripherals into an attractive and functional home cockpit. Think about how much you spend on a computer, monitors, controls, software, etc. For a small fraction of that amount, you can buy some building materials from a home improvement store and build a DIY Flight Sim.