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DIY Triple Screen Flight Sim

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This set of DIY videos and manuals show you how you can build a home flight simulator with three screens and dual switch panels made from computer keyboards. When you build it yourself, you end up spending a lot less money than you would on a retail multi-display framework like the obutto - type setup. The obutto is great if you have that kind of money, but many of us would rather invest those funds into the computer or flight controls.

The DIY Triple Screen Flight Sim is waiting to carry you away on your next adventure...

  • Three computer monitors immerse you in the action
  • Build from off-the-shelf computer components and materials from a home improvement store
  • Includes DIY Airliner Flight Sim Keyboard Modification instructions
  • Build it for your home, school, museum, EAA chapter, etc.

flight sim with three screens
DIY Triple Screen Flight Sim

What you get:

TRIPLE SCREEN FLIGHT SIM DIY VIDEO - over 70 min. of construction footage

Digital Video 1 (wmv format)
- Assemble the Top Frame and Base Frame
- Assemble the Nose Cone Frame
- Build the modified connectors
- Cut and attach the platforms

Digital Video 2 (wmv format)
- Cut and attach the platforms
- Attach the fasteners
- Cut and install the Body Panels
- Glue the Body Panels
- Paint
- Attach flight sim peripherals

DIY Obutto flying through clouds
Triple Screen Flight Sim

TRIPLE SCREEN FLIGHT SIM INSTRUCTION MANUAL - 66 pages, full-color, illustrated

Tools Required
Materials Required
Instrument Panel Frame
Overhead Panel Frame
Base Frame
Nose Cone Frame
Cut the Body Panels
Glue the Body Panels
Make It Fly!
Appendix 1: Pipe Frame Maps
Appendix 1: Pipe Frame Maps (Metric)
Appendix 2: Lumber Measurements



*** Also Included ***

Digital Video (wmv format)
- Painting
- Airliner button template
- Button assignments: Mode Control Panel
- Button assignments: Overhead Panel
- Keyboard panels: B737, A321, CRJ700
- Event assignments in Flight Simulator X (also for FSX Steam and P3D)

AIRLINER KEYBOARD MOD INSTRUCTION MANUAL - Full color, illustrated, 38 pages
Tools Required
Printing and cutting button template
Button diagram: Mode Control Panel
Button diagram: Overhead Panel
Keyboard panels
Event assignment list
Event assignments in Flight Simulator X (also for FSX Steam, P3D) and FS2004

Airliner Keyboard Buttons
Airliner Keyboard Panels
Bonus: Airliner Custom Button Collection
Bonus: Throttle Quadrant Labels

- Working with PVC pipe Part 1 and 2
- Glue Tips for Flight Simulators
- Styrofoam Body Panels, Part 1 and 2
- Self-Drilling Screws
- Paint for Flight Simulators
- Glue it or Screw it?
- USB Cable Management

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