Build and modify home flight simulator equipment

Free Tutorials: Building Techniques and Flight Simulator Equipment Hacks

The Builder Academy teaches you all of the basic skills for fabricating the DIY Flight Sims projects. You can build a full-featured flight simulator or modify your existing home flight simulator equipment. It's easier than you might think. Best of all, the Builder Academy is FREE.

Learn about:

  • Working with PVC pipe, lumber, and foam
  • DIY Flight Sims with multiple monitors
  • Modifying and improving home flight simulator equipment
  • Painting and finishing and more...

add a monitor to a DIY flight sim
Add a monitor to display flight instruments

Online Training! What to expect:

The Builder Academy is a comprehensive online collection of DIY videos and articles. This training helps you build and impressive home cockpit even if you have limited building experience. Use common hand tools and affordable materials from your local hardware store.

Online Training:

  • View on any device: tablet, laptop, desktop, smart phone, etc.
  • The lessons include DIY videos, text instructions, pictures, and printouts
  • Over 2 hours of video tutorials and articles
  • New content alert in the monthly Roger Dodger Insider newsletter
  • No advertisements


Saitek switch panels - home flight simulator equipment
Saitek switch panels - home flight simulator equipment


The Builder Academy's curriculum includes extensive material to help make your flight simulator the best it can be. First of all, I cover recommended tools, building techniques for PVC pipe, and a discussion on self-drilling fasteners. Are you planning on using multiple displays or large displays? You probably are so the sections on mounting HDTVs and multi monitors will be helpful.

Do you like your Saitek flight controls, but wish you could love them? I understand, that is why I have extensive video tutorials on improving Saitek equipment. Furthermore, I also include DIY guides on hacking CH Products yoke and throttle quadrant.

The Builder Academy teaches techniques for working with Styrofoam body panels for the DIY Flight Sim Pod. These are not difficult skills if you simply follow the steps in the correct order. Furthermore, a few coats of paint will make your home project look like a professional product, so do not skip the section on painting.

You can get started today. After all, getting started is the hardest part...