DIY Airliner Keyboard Mod
DIY Airliner Keyboard Mod

Item #K140B, $16.99 US dollars

Do you want to build your own Boeing 737 cockpit but don't have thousands of dollars to spend? One possible solution are these DIY switch panels you can build at home. Introducing the K140B Airliner Keyboard Modification. These videos and manuals show you how to use common, inexpensive, computer keyboards as airliner switch panels.

The project provides templates and video instructions to make several different types of control panels depending on what type of aircraft you like to fly the most. Painted or unpainted, Airbus A320, Boeing 737 plane, or CRJ 700. You can have your home flight deck a lot sooner and for less money than you thought.

  • Don't memorize endless keyboard assignments any more. Build this easy keyboard modification for your home flight simulator!
  • Dual keyboard modification simulates the overhead panel and mode control panel of an airlner
  • Your choice: Boeing 737, Airbus A320, CRJ700 panels, Plain Gray panels, or Basic Black

man installing control panel in Boeing 737 plane
DIY Airliner Keyboard Mod

Online Training! What to Expect...

  • The project includes video tutorial, instructions, diagrams, and printouts
  • Viewable on laptop, desktop, tablet, or even your phone!
  • Over 20 minutes of streaming video
  • Scroll down to see the curriculum or click for a Free Trial



Course Curriculum


  • 5 Ways to Modify the Keyboards (free)
  • Printable page: Materials List

Preparing the Keyboards

  • Video: Preparing the Keyboards
  • Instructions: About Keyboards

Spray Paint

  • Video: Spray Paint
  • Instructions: Spray Paint

Keyboard Buttons Part 1

  • Video: Keyboard Buttons Part 1
  • Instructions: Print the Keyboard Buttons
  • Printable Page: Keyboard Buttons
  • Printable Page: Keyboard Panels
  • Printable Page: Keyboard Button Map

Keyboard Buttons Part 2

  • Video: Keyboard Buttons Part 2
  • Instructions: Install the Keyboard Buttons
  • Printable Pages: Custom Button Collection

Keyboard Panels

  • Video: Keyboard Panels
  • Instructions: Install Keyboard Panels
  • Instructions: Blank Gray Panels
  • Instructions: Basic Black Panels

Finishing Effects

Button Assignments (FSX, FSX Steam, P3D)

  • Video: Button Assignments
  • Printable Pages: Button Assignment List

Change Log