DIY Easy Helicopter Sim Collective
DIY Easy Helicopter Sim Collective

Item #F331, $23.99 US dollars

Learn how to build a helicopter collective that attaches to your standard flight sim throttle. You can finally have an affordable collective control for your home flight simulator!

Why is this the best, most inexpensive solution for your helicopter flight sim?

  • No modifications to your flight sim throttle. No need to re-assign the control axis.
  • Easily switch from helicopter to airplane configuration with the optional Throttle Stand.
  • Works with Prepar3D, X-Plane, FSX Steam, Flight Simulator 2020, and others.
  • Build with common materials from your local home improvement store.
  • Works with flight sim controls from Logitech-Saitek, Thrustmaster, CH Products, and others.
  • Freestanding frame. You don't have to bolt anything onto your desk or chair.

The frame provides mounting locations for all your flight simulator controls, plus it holds your office chair in place.

For your Helicopter Sim
For your Helicopter Sim

The F331 Easy Helicopter Collective is one of my finest designs! It will help significantly with your helicopter sim. If you're new to helicopters, the collective makes it much easier to learn. This is a DIY project you can build at home with materials from a hardware store. The comprehensive online training shows you how to build an effective and inexpensive frame for your flight simulator controls. This is particularly helpful if you are using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset because you can't see your real world controls while using VR.



Online Training! What to expect:

  • The tutorials include printouts, videos, diagrams, and text instructions
  • View on nearly any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone
  • Multimedia online instructions with US and Metric measurements
  • Free access to Builder Academy. Learn basic DIY Flight Sim building skills
  • Click the link to see the curriculum and some freebies

DIY Easy Helicopter Sim Collective
Link to a Vertical Throttle

Course Curriculum


  • Video: Introduction (free)
  • Tools Required (free)
  • Printable Page: Materials List (free)
  • Project Glue or Self-Drilling Screws? (free)
  • About PVC Fittings (free)
  • Pipe and Lumber Measurements

PVC Pipe Frame Maps

  • PVC Pipe Frame Maps, USA Measurements
  • PVC Pipe Frame Maps, Metric Measurements

Collective Handle Pivot

  • Video: Collective Handle Pivot
  • Instructions: Collective Handle Pivot

Collective Frame Assembly

  • Video: Collective Frame Assembly
  • Instructions: Collective Frame Assembly

Throttle Stand and Center Frame

  • Video: Throttle Stand and Center Frame
  • Instructions: Throttle Stand and Center Frame

Joystick Stand, Right Side Post, Side Rails

  • Video: Joystick Stand, Right Side Post, Side Rails
  • Instructions: Joystick Stand
  • Instructions:  Right Side Post, Side Rails

Combine Major Components

  • Video: Combine Major Components
  • Instructions: Combine Major Components


  • Video: Glue
  • Instructions: Glue

Control Platforms

  • Video: Control Platforms
  • Instructions: Control Platforms

Collective Control Linkage

  • Video: Collective Control Linkage
  • Instructions: Collective Control Linkage


  • Video: Paint
  • Instructions: Paint

Re-Assembly and Adjustments

  • Video: Re-Assembly and Adjustments
  • Instructions: Re-Assembly and Adjustments