DIY Easy Helicopter Sim Collective
DIY Easy Helicopter Sim Collective

Item #F331, $38 US dollars

This DIY video and instruction manual show you how to build a sturdy framework that allows your flight simulator throttle to operate like a helicopter collective. The frame also holds your joystick, rudder pedals, and office chair securely. This is an easy and clever solution to take your helicopter sim to the next level.

* No modifications to your flight sim throttle. No need to re-assign the control axis.
* Easily switch from helicopter to airplane configuration with the optional Throttle Stand
* FSX, FSX Steam, Prepar3D, and others
* Build with common materials from your local home improvement store
* US and Metric measurements

Helicopters have long been under-represented in the flight simulator genre so there are not many choices for flight controls. You don't have to spend $300 or $400 on a collective, you can build one with inexpensive materials from a home improvement store and your off-the-shelf HOTAS joystick+throttle.

the video and manual show you how to build the DIY Easy Helicopter Sim Collective
DIY Easy Helicopter Collective

The F331 Easy Helicopter Collective is one of my finest designs and will help significantly with your helicopter sim. If you're new to helicopters, the collective makes it much easier to learn.

**** Here's what you get ****

DIY EASY HELICOPTER COLLECTIVE VIDEO - over 40 min. of construction footage and instructional narration (wmv format)

Digital Video 1
- Assembly: Helicopter Collective Frame
- Assembly: Floor Unit Frame

Digital Video 2
- Test Fit and Glue Frame
- Attach Additional Control Mounts: Joystick (cyclic), Rudder (anti-torque) pedals
- Assembly: Collective Control Linkage

Digital Video 3
- Prep and Painting
- Finishing Features

man at the helicopter controls
DIY Easy Helicopter Collective

DIY EASY HELICOPTER COLLECTIVE INSTRUCTION MANUAL - 50 pages, full color, illustrated (Adobe pdf format)
- Safety
- Tools Required
- Materials Required
- Pipe Frame Maps - US and Metric Measurements
- Assembly: Helicopter Collective Frame
- Assembly: Optional Throttle Stand
- Assembly: Floor Unit Frame
- Joystick (cyclic) Height Adjustments
- Attach Fittings With Glue
- Attach Joystick Fittings With Screws
- Control Mounts: Cutting and Assembly
- Collective Control Linkage
- Painting
- Finishing Features


**** Also Included ****

- Working with PVC pipe Part 1 and 2
- Glue Tips for Flight Simulators
- Self-Drilling Screws
- Paint for Flight Simulators
- Glue it or Screw it?
- USB Cable Management

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