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Customer Gallery 2 features more for your home flight simulator setup: helicopter collectives, keyboard mods, compact roll-away flight sims and more. Everything you see here was built by customers using my DIY Flight Sims videos and manuals. Notice in many cases the builders included different components to match their needs and resources.

You can find triple screen and multiple screen projects in Customer Gallery 1

Have you completed a DIY Flight Sims project? Let me know how it went for you. Also, send me pictures of your home cockpit and you could be featured in the Customer Gallery!  DIYflightsims@rogerdodger.net


Extra wide display for flight simulator Airplane theme room

TW, Canada

Not only a beautiful flight sim, but an entire flight sim room to go with it! TW built the DIY Deluxe Desktop Flight Sim with a super-wide display, modified keyboard, radio stack, and lots of other great features. A very comfortable and functional setup.

Thank you for emailing the pics! Happy Flying!


Beautiful painted PVC frame for HOTAS flight controls by Craig Beautiful painted PVC frame for VR flight controls by Craig


Wait, what is that? Aluminum? No, it's simply PVC pipe painted silver! Craig modified the DIY Floor Unit with Center Joystick so it can switch between a side joystick and center joystick set up. Note the clever D-rings fasteners on the base of the joystick stand.

He says, "PVC is easy to work with and can be made to look great. Anyone can do it."

Totally agree, Craig, this home flight simulator setup looks amazing! Thanks for sending in the pictures!


Roll-Away Flightsim with airline throttle quadrant Roll-Away Flightsim with airline throttle quadrant


Gary did excellent work with item #E420. He built the version that is detailed in the "DIY Roll-Away Flight Sim with Airplane Yoke" instruction manual. Note the extension for the trackball mouse and the additional platform for the Saitek radio panel.

And check out those handle extensions for his Saitek throttle quadrant, very nice!

Delightful, Gary! Thank you for the pics!


HOTAS frame with Thrustmaster Warthog joystick, Ron 01

HOTAS frame with Warthog joystick by Ron 


Ron built a #F321 Center Joystick Frame and modified it to accommodate a Thrustmaster Warthog joystick and throttle. He writes, "Built a center joystick configuration, but replaced my CH Combat Stick and Pro Throttle with the Warthog HOTAS. Modified the build to remove the baseplate from the control stick (got in the way) and replaced the 10” PVC pipes on the center stand with 5 ½ “ pipes. Then added 4” PVC plug (male & female portions) to mount the stick in. Worked out great! Also lengthened the Throttle stand to accommodate the larger throttle base. Would be better to add a support under the forward end of the throttle stand, but that may be another day. Very good product with easy to follow instructions."

Great job with incorporating the Thrustmaster Warthog! Thanks for sending the pictures!


Transforming Roll-Away Flight Sim by Dan

Versitile Roll-Away Flight Sim by Dan 


Look at what Dan built! Not only did he modify the DIY Roll-Away Flight Sim project to include both a yoke and a joystick, but he did it in record time, and look at all those Saitek switch panels ! ! ! Dan says, "Thanks so much for the awesome directions. The instructions were easy to follow and the videos made it easy. I modified the design to house all my hardware and allow me to switch from rotary to fixed wing. I use my laptop to run X-Plane so I didn’t need the computer shelf, and my audio plays through my display. I’m going to build your collective next!!!"

Wow, Dan ! Double Wow. Glad you enjoyed the project and thanks for the pictures.


Center Joystick Frame with Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, Wayne 

WAYNE, United Kingdom

Wayne build a #F321 Center Joystick Frame for his home flight simulator setup. He also modified it to fit the Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick HOTAS. Furthermore, he included some attractive Saitek rudder pedals. He writes, "My A-10 cockpit, Cheers. P.S. It took a bit of searching to find the pipes here in the UK. I found a company called Plastic Pipe Shop Ltd but had to buy 18 meters of the stuff because apparently people are using it to make weapons."

People are using PVC as weapons? Wow!


Home helicopter collective with mods by Robert
Home helicopter collective with mods by Robert



My customer, Robert, modified the F331 DIY Easy Helicopter Collective and now it can do some of everything. Notice the additional stand on the right side with space for a trackball mouse.

Very clever! Thank you for sending your picture, Robert.


Roll-Away Flight Sim modification by Rob Roll-Away Flight Sim modification by Rob


Rob built a DIY Roll-Away Flight Sim project and made several impressive modifications.

"I built the flat skid using 2x4s and 1x8s,spaced at a distance to allow mounting the Saitek Pro-Flight pedals. Castors are 3" with locking casters in the front. The rest of the frame is standard Sch 40 PVC pipe, tied in with 1x4, 1x6 and 1x8 shelves and upright components...To me it is a clean design that I can literally roll into a closet when not in use. (although I can't imagine when that would be, hehe)"

I agree! Thanks for sending the pics and have fun with your project !


Home helicopter collective by Joshua
Home helicopter collective by Joshua
Home helicopter collective by Joshua
Home helicopter collective by Joshua



Joshua added some amazing things to the F331 DIY Easy Helicopter Collective including a touch screen!  He writes, " The GPS is the Reality XP simulating the Garmin 530 and it works amazing on the little touch screen especially for setting up gas stops and multiple airports. I use a program called ForeFlight on my ipad as well so that I have moving charts so all in all the setup is close to what I use when I fly for real."

Very innovative, Joshua!


WW2 flight sim keyboard mod by Michael
WW2 flight sim keyboard mod by Michael

MICHAEL, California

Michael built the best WWII (IL-2) Fighter Keyboard Modification I've ever seen. He attached it to a custom desktop frame and added the Logitech G940 Joystick and Throttle combo. He even added gauges. From Michael: "Just wanted to send you a photo of my new IL-2 Dashboard. I popped off the extra keys, and put a little panel over the empty spaces... It's pretty boss."

Excellent job, Michael !


E410 PACS as a WW2 Fighter
E410 PACS as a WW2 Fighter


This is a fine rendition of the E410 Portable Air Combats Simulator (PACS). Micah says: "I'm a long time fan. It looks like you don't sell the PACS any more, but my family has loved it. My 3 kids all play on it when Dad isn't playing. Countless guests have oohed and ahhed about it (and yes, half thought I was nuts :). Thank very much for having the ideas, and putting them out there!"

Beautiful simulator! Great work, Micah !

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