DIY Helicopter Simulator Projects

Congratulations! You've found the best solution for building a helicopter simulator cockpit for a reasonable price. You don't have to spend a thousand dollars on a collective + cyclic + anti-torque pedals combination when you can use off-the-shelf flight controls, PVC pipe, and other materials from a home improvement store to create something very similar.

These comprehensive online courses teach you how to build flight controls and modify a keyboard to create a helicopter simulator that works with contemporary software.

Moving the DIY helicopter collective - animated

DIY Easy Helicopter Collective

The best solution for an affordable flight simulator collective. If you're a helicopter pilot, then you know there is just no substitute for a collective handle. If you've tried to use a regular throttle with a helicopter, you will be delighted at how much better your experience is when you start using this clever DIY project.


DIY Helicopter Keyboard Mod

Item #K122 Keyboard Mod: Helicopter
DIY Video and Manual

The DIY Helicopter Keyboard Mod is very helpful for the tricky startup procedure in light GA helicopters. It's inexpensive and easy to build. This also goes perfectly with the DIY Easy Helicopter Collective.


Man flying a helicopter simulator

Item #D332 Helicopter Home Cockpit Bundle
DIY Videos and Manuals

Three projects in one makes a complete home helicopter simpit. Combine the DIY Easy Helicopter Collective and the associated Keyboard Mod with a Desktop Frame for your monitor. Buy all three and save.