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Homemade flight simulators designed and tested by real pilots!
*** INEXPENSIVE: Build with materials from your local hardware store
*** SAVE TIME: Each Premium Video includes an instruction manual
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Build a Home Flight
Simulator Cockpit
Premium DIY Video,
and Instruction
Manual that are sold
together in a zip file
that you download

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customers are

Home Cockpit
These are DIY Flight
Simulator projects
that you can build with
materials from a
hardware store like
Home Depot or
Lowe's.  You can
build your own
homemade flight
simulator with help
from these videos and
manuals.  Each DIY
Flight Sim project is
designed, tested and
built by real-world

Use your existing
flight simulator
controls (yoke,
throttle quadrant,
joystick, rudder
pedals, TrackIR). You
can also get these
from our
Online Store.

DIY Flight Sims videos
help you build a home
cockpit that can be
used with a variety of
software from our
Online Store.

Note: the Missile
Lamp has nothing to
do with flight
simulation, it's a crazy
super awesome floor
Do It Yourself
Build a Home Flight

Build an Awesome
Home Cockpit in 3

Buy - Purchase and
download a DIY
video with
instruction manual.  

Build - Our videos
show you how to build
an inexpensive
homemade flight

Fly - Take off with
your favorite flight
simulator software.
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