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Fly the long missions in comfort.
Perfect solution for your joystick and throttle HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick).

These videos show you how to easily build a frame from PVC pipe and other inexpensive
materials from a hardware store. The framework allows you to concentrate on your mission
instead of fumbling with your controls. This is the perfect, inexpensive solution for Virtual
Reality. If you are using the Oculous Rift, or other VR headsets, you can't see your real-life
controls, but the freestanding framework keeps your controls in place where you can easily
reach them. The HOTAS controls basically become extensions of your chair.
A great DIY HOTAS set up improves your experience for any flight simulator software:
Flight Simulator X (FSX), X-Plane, Prepare3D (P3D), DCS A-10C Warthog, IL2, Pacific
Fighters, Elite:Dangerous, Star Citizen ... and more!
DIY Flight Sims
Freestanding HOTAS