Compact and Capable DIY Flight Sim Projects

Do you want a full-featured home flight sim cockpit but don't have a lot of room? Or are you just starting out with simple airplane games? Check out these DIY Flight Sim projects because they pack a lot of capability into a small area. The D240 and D242 can fit on a table or a large desk and the E420 Roll-Away is self-standing and self-contained. Furthermore, you're not locked into a software platform either. I've used the E420 Roll-Away project for Microsoft FSX, then simply changed out the modified keyboard and played Elite Dangerous space flight simulator.

If you are an experienced simpit enthusiast, you might add Saitek switch panels, but if you are just starting out or only into airplane games, perhaps a simple keyboard mod would work best for you. Most of all, a home flight simulator cockpit doesn't have to be big and expensive. You can start off with simple airplane games and later move up to serious simulator software and peripherals as your skills and interest increase.

Airplane Games and Simulator Cockpits

DIY Roll-Away Flight Sim for airplane games and simulators

Item #E420 DIY Roll-Away Flight Sim
DIY Videos and Manual

It's self-supporting, self-contained, and you can roll it away like a two-wheel hand truck. The Roll-Away Flight Sim is super-compact, yet fully functional with a large monitor and all flight controls. I've used this at Maker Faire and a science-themed summer camp.


DIY Universal Airliner home flight sim for airplane games and simulators

Item #D240 Universal Airliner Flight Sim
DIY Videos and Manuals

The time-tested Universal frame is simple enough to build in a weekend, yet versatile enough to accept a different control configurations, switch panels and modified keyboards. In addition, the K140B Airliner Keyboard Mod project is included.


DIY Universal General Aviation Simpit for airplane games and simulators

Item #D242 Universal General Aviation Flight Sim
DIY Videos and Manuals

Don't let the airline jockeys have all the fun! Practice your cross-country flights and aircraft procedures in comfort with the Universal frame. Furthermore, the K172 General Aviation Keyboard Mod is included. Clear prop!