man at the controls of a DIY Helicopter Home Cockpit
DIY Helicopter Home Cockpit

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This item was discontinued on JULY 8, 2017

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Three Projects in One

Helicopter Keyboard Mod (Item# K122)
Easy Helicopter Collective (Item# F331)
Desktop Frame (Item# D312)

The DIY Helicopter Home Cockpit Bundle is a complete solution for your helicopter flight simulator. It's great for flight sim pilots that fly the default Robinson R22 in FSX, FSX Steam, Prepar3d and X-Plane. Great for other quality helicopters too.

  • Modify a regular keyboard into a useful helicopter control panel. Complete instructions for the flight sim keyboard and printable button labels.
  • Build a frame for the helicopter simulator controls. The floor frame holds your joystick, rudder pedals and throttle. The unique linkage makes your throttle function as a helicopter collective.
  • Build a DIY desktop frame to elevate your keyboards and monitor (and drink holder).

man installing a modified keyboard control panel
DIY Helicopter Home Cockpit

DIY Helicopter Home Cockpit Bundle 
You get four Zip Files Full of Stuff!


DIGITAL VIDEO - 19 minutes of high quality construction footage and instructional narration (wmvformat)
- Keyboard Preparation
- Helicopter Button printing, cutting and protecting
- Attaching buttons to keyboard
- Finishing Effects
- Helicopter Button event assignments
- Example: Tuning the Com Radio

INSTRUCTION MANUAL - Full-color, illustrated (Adobe pdf format)
- Safety
- Materials, Required Tools
- Building Instructions
- Keyboard Map
- Options for Buttons
- Button Assignments
- FSX Event assignments
- X-Plane Event assignments
- Examples: Engine Start/Shutdown, Tuning Com Radio, Nav Radio and Transponder

Print these out on full sheet labels
Bonus: Extra buttons to customize your project

man building a pipe framework
DIY Helicopter Home Cockpit


THREE DIGITAL VIDEOS - over 40 min. of construction footage and instructional narration (wmv format)
Video 1
- Assemble the Collective Frame
- Assemble the Floor Unit Frame
Video 2
- Test fit and glue frame
- Attach control mounts: joystick (cyclic), rudder (anti-torque) pedals, and optional throttle
- Assemble collective control linkage
Video 3
- Paint and add finishing features

INSTRUCTION MANUAL - 50 pages, full-color, illustrated (Adobe pdf format)
Tools Required
Materials Required
Part 1: Assembly
Part 2: Glue
Part 3: Control Mounts
Part 4: Paint and Finish Details

man building a top section pipe frame
DIY Helicopter Home Cockpit


TWO DIGITAL VIDEOS - over 20 min. of construction footage with instructional narration (wmv format)
Video 1
- Cutting and preparing PVC pipe
- Assemble and glue base frame
- Add mounting platforms
Video 2
- Assemble and glue overhead frame
- Paint
- Attach drink holder, keyboard mod, keyboard, trackball mouse, TrackIR, etc.

INSTRUCTION MANUAL - 30 pages, full-color, illustrated
Tools Required
Part 1: Assembly and Glue
Part 2: Paint and Finish Details
Appendix: Center Joystick Modification


BONUS DIY videos to help you complete your project
- Working with PVC pipe Part 1 and 2
- Glue Tips for Flight Simulators
- Self-Drilling Screws
- Paint for Flight Simulators
- Glue it or Screw it?
- USB Cable Management