Missile Lamp!
Missile Lamp!

the Missile Lamp is a floor lamp that looks like a missile
Missile Lamp!

Item #L100, $22 US dollars


Missile Lamp!
A floor lamp that looks like an AIM-9 Sidewinder heat-seeking, air-to-air missile!

Great gift for pilots, aviation enthusiasts and flight sim pilots.


  • Enjoy years of satisfaction with this clever lamp
  • Great for sim room, hangar or pilot lounge
  • Build in a single weekend for less than $80 in materials

man with two missile-shaped floor lamps
Missile Lamp !

Missile Lamp - what you get

4 PART VIDEO - over 40 minutes of footage and instructional narrative (wmv format)
Digital Video 1
- Safety
- Measuring and cutting out the control surfaces
Digital Video 2
- Measuring and cutting slots in the missile fuselage
Digital Video 3
- Electrical system (wiring the lamp)
- Electrical system (wiring the floor switch)
Digital Video 4
- Assembling the nose cone
- Applying decals

man assembling top part of lamp

Missile Lamp !

Also Included:

INSTRUCTION MANUAL - 38 pages, full-color, illustrated (Adobe pdf format)
- Safety
- Materials Required
- Tools Required
- Measuring and cutting out the control surfaces
- Control surfaces diagram
- Cutting slots in the missile fuselage
- Electrical system (wiring the lamp)
- Assembling the nose cone
- Alternate nose cone construction
- Applying decals
- Decal Diagram
- Pictures of finished lamp

placing decals on the lamp
Missile Lamp !

AIM-9 Missile printable decal sheets (Adobe pdf format)
- Rollerons
- Rivet Lines
- Stenciling
- INERT markings
- Arming Key
- CG Placard
- and more!

Construction printable templates (Adobe pdf format)
- Slot templates
- Lamp shade template (if required)

bulb cover for light fixtures
Missile Lamp !

Question: "Where do I get that great lamp shade?"

The clear plastic light bulb protector came from Home Depot, item #81920 (Westinghouse 5 1/2" x 3 5/8" Polycarbonate Threaded Neck Shade). This part is significant because it is made from PLASTIC, not glass. It must be made from plastic because we drill ventilation holes in the top of it.

If you can't find this specific part, we show an alternate method for constructing a lamp shade.

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