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Saitek Trim Wheel Adapter Template, your free gift
Saitek Trim Wheel Adapter Template, your free gift

Free Gift for Signing Up

You can install a Saitek Trim Wheel under the Throttle Quadrants... IF you use an adapter plate.

I'll show you how I made this adapter plate. I provide instructions, a DIY video, and a template to help you build an adapter like this for your home flight simulator cockpit.

When you sign up for the Roger Dodger Insider, you will receive a link to the free, printable template and instructions as my thanks to you.... 



How much does it cost?
How much does it cost?

And Another Free Gift... 

Would you like to build a home flight simulator, but you have no idea what it will cost? I made this DIY Flight Sim Budget Tool to help you. There are a thousand different ways to build a home flight sim and each builder customizes their project according to their needs. This Budget Tool is can be customized as well to reflect your actual project.

I also introduce three different levels of flight simulator. From a bare-bones setup at Level 1 to a deluxe setup at Level 3.